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USB Flash Duplicator   USB1155A

USB Flash Duplicator USB1155A

Item #: usb-flash-duplicator---usb11155
Retail Price: $1,799.00

16 Port Stand-Alone USB Duplicator 1 Master to 15 Target Configuration. No PC required

Quick and simple duplication equipment for data loading to USB flash drives. Sending out flash drives for duplication services takes time, and costs you money. Having an in-house duplicator allows for control over USB data production. USB Flash Drives are an excellent option for distributing content to customers and employees.

Nexcopy USB Duplicators fall into two categories, and range from 15 Target to 60 target systems. Both have their advantages:

A PC Windows based system is ideal for network setups, Unique Data Streaming, Data Extraction and File Copy functions. You can also copy from master image (.img) files.
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